Corporate strategie

Rosoboronexport pursues a marketing strategy targeted to expand the geography, range and volume of export deliveries.

A number of special programs and projects for exporting products to specific countries have been developed based on a comprehensive analysis of the arms markets and foreign partners’ needs.

Rosoboronexport seeks to operate flexibly and efficiently in the market, using modern and advanced marketing and customers' settlement methods.

Foreign customers are offered package solutions for national systems intended to defend land, air and seaside borders, which feature the optimal trade-off between cost and performance. These solutions may include both the supply of military products and services and organization of licensed production in customer countries, the setting-up of joint ventures to manufacture and maintain equipment, as well as joint R&D efforts. Rosoboronexport widely uses the optimal offset programs.

With regard to foreign customers’ interests and the opportunities of the Russian defense industrial complex to increase its exports, Rosoboronexport pays much attention both to major billion-dollar contracts and small deals worth the hundreds of thousands to several millions of dollars.